Reusable Anti-Fog Lens Cloth (25-Pack)

Reusable Anti-Fog Lens Cloth (25-Pack)

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Made with ultra soft suede, wiping your glasses with this cloth creates an invisible layer of anti-fog material on your lens. For the wire-free, comfortable solution to glasses fog, pair this with your regular mask usage.

  • Reusable up to 200 applications.
  • Just wipey wipe.
  • Miraculous!

Note: Packaging design may vary, but the cloth you purchase contains the same great anti-fog properties. Enjoy!

We (Tony and Donald) both wear eye glasses all day long. After becoming increasingly frustrated with their eyeglasses fogging up from wearing face masks, we decided to find a solution to prevent the fogging up that inevitably happens when you combine the two.

Tony and Donald, founders of

 Tony, and Donald, founders of is here to help combat this problem. We want every person in America to have fast and affordable access to useful everyday products.

We hope that our anti-fog eye glass cloth makes your life a little bit easier.

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Customer Reviews

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Shorted 2 Paks

I recently ordered a 5 Pak set. Great product, but I only received 2Paks. No response when I emailed the company, Twice!, about the issue.
Be careful.
Art Novak

Not as advertised!

Very disappointed with this product!  Doesn't do what it is advertised to do.  Also the cloth dries up within a week even if kept in the resealable packet.

I feel this was a complete waste of my money.  I purchased a three pack to get free shipping, and was I wrong in doing that!!!!!!!

Great Product, Fast Service

I recently received my order and tried them for the first time the other day and I am in love. It was so wonderful to not have my glasses fog up while grocery shopping. I could actually read the prices! I am about ready to order some more for my family and friends. Great job!

Can see with my glasses again!

Very pleased with my Stop Eye Glass Fog lens wipe! This is my second day using them and I reapplied the cloth while forgetting it lasts 48 hours per use. Very good and clear eyesight yesterday with my glasses and facemask on for 10 hours. Thank you and I will be back for another cloth!

Works great

Works great